Poornima – Bidding Adieu

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Due to an unavoidable reason, I am parting ways.  I hope that my footprints in AdClub would remain in the form of these columns I enjoyed writing on this blog (also inclusive of the couple of errors I made in the write-ups  & the efforts to fix those!).

AdClub is a wonderful place to learn. I sincerely thank all the faculties who left an indelible impact on me. Special thanks to Mr. Joe Rajan. Thanks to all my batch-mates for their camaraderie.

Please reach me at poo_work@hotmail.com

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What’s your Perspective on this?!

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Perspective is a way one looks at things. One’s perspectives go a long way in influencing her life. Every individual has one’s own perspective that is deeply drawn from our life experiences – our culture, environment, school, college, workplace, people we meet, befriend & love.

A successful communication happens when the people involved understand perspectives. As an advertiser, how do you communicate effectively? Words do matter.  So do images. This blog post will address the latter part.

Three consecutive sessions from Mr. Subhra Ray have enlightened the class on how images can be used to effectively deliver a message.  By image, I mean not only the visuals on the Ads but also those on the packaging of the product.

We were taken through a unique packaging on Earth – Egg. An egg is an egg, but there is more to it that makes it unique. An egg is neither circular, oval, rectangular nor triangular or for that matter it doesn’t fit into any known geometric shape.  Without a  center of gravity, it only spins around at the same place for it doesn’t have an axis that it can move forth or back.

Have you ever tried to switch off all the lights and still see an egg that was placed in the room? God made this package that way to help the mother protect its chick, 24X7.

See, Hear, Touch, Smell & Taste – its all possible with an Egg. And its not man-made! No doubt, its eco-friendly too.

The session we had on Egg was as unique as egg itself.

In the concluding session, we were shown several brands that made a mark for themselves by means of unique packaging and/or visuals. Go, explore them! Run wild with your imagination and create a packaging for your brand in a way that people can perceive and feel the brand by a mere glance.


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Parallel Revenue generation – ECommerce

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Parallel Revenue Generation with E-commerce

In an effort to summarize the moments of the class, I would essentially put-forth the key learning through this write-up. As a start-up in e-commerce, one would typically need to innovate one’s own idea – a logical idea that can be implemented with the help of mathematics and technology alike. For instance the concept of having auctions online was an idea. It necessiated a mathematically strong person to conceptualize the idea & a techie to write up the code that would enable Internet users to participate.

In an era of e-tailing, it takes quicker and easier to reach a consumer that stays online. It is this market potential that needs to be tapped. The key is to strike a relevance with this segment of customers. For example, the idea of buying books online is a tremendous success because it is relevant to the booklovers who can spend a few minutes online than to physically goto a bookstore. This is where such online bookstores make business by taking shipment orders. The logic applies to selling any commidity/service online. Was there any such innovate e-commerce idea that you came across? Was there an idea that you haven’t yet come across but would like to have had online?

The concept of Brick and Mortar will remain relevant, however their non-store versions are here to emerge and stay. I would say, as an Internet user, to go find a need that is currently not met online. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. Your need can become your copyrighted idea to generate revenues not just for yourself but for the people who help drive your ecommerce business.

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Lessons from the Trenches

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Way back in school days, there was a passionate Tamil teacher who adopted a different way of teaching Tamil Poetry – the verbal,complex yet beautiful ones of ancient Tamil Literature. She asked us to replace the lyrics of our favorite song with the poetic lines. The poetry never got out of our minds – for everytime we forgot, we tried to recollect our favourite song. We didn’t read Poetry, we vocalized.

Several years later, I met another teacher who reminded me of the same strategy. He shared with us, the lessons learnt from the corporate world with a presentation that blended concepts with the famous lines of major Hollywood movies.

There were 3 major sections that Viswakiran covered on a Saturday’s class. Let me make an effort to summarize the class, conceptually if not holistically. These are a few snippets from the class.

Section 1 dealt with creating one’s Value System. Its important to have RoleModels in Life. Somebody who we can look up to as a standard of measuring our success, I would say. Its also vital to discipline oneself. One can imagine the likes of Ivan Lendl who is known as much for his athletic discipline as for his Grand Slam Titles.
As an individual, one needs to carve one’s own identity by working hard & overcoming fear. Does the famous line from’ The Untouchables’ ring a bell – “What are you prepared to do?” The world knows the Obama campaign which was by and large – “Change we can believe in”.

It is also essential to maintain a level of Integrity that resists temptations and helps the world. This is reiterated by the quote ‘Truth is always the right answer’ from the movie Schindler’s List.

Absorb endlessly the details – big and small – around your world. Become a sponge. If the section started with having a role model, it ends with becoming a role model ourselves.

Section – 2 focused on dealing with others. Be pleasant and try to leave a positive influence on the people you meet. Fill the other’s person shoes & respect them. Remember, what goes around comes around. So don’t forget to be nice to people. Don’t forget the two words ‘Thank you’.

Section -3 was more to do with staying on top of Life. Think for yourself & find what you do and donot want. Plan for things in life and execute them too. Try to use handy cheat sheets. Prioritize things. And last but not the least, go by your instinct.

A few movies I am keen to watch after this class –

Star Wars
The Untouchables
Shawshank Redemption
Schindler’s List
Any given Sunday
Wall Street

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Brand Personality Assignment

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Our faculty Ravi  assigned us with the task of deciphering the brand personalities of any major brand along with those of its child brands.

We wanted to congratulate him for having won the Tamizh Award for Vivel. So here is the surprise package!

Ravi on stage

We have included one more brand as a part of the Assignment.

Personalities of “Brand Ravi”  as the brand means to us :

– a Writer

– an Award-winner

– a Middle-aged gentleman

– a Teacher

– an Inspirer

– reads books of ‘James Allen’ – As a man thinketh

– reads ‘BrandLine’ of BusinessLine & ‘Brand Equity’ of Economic Times

– reads magazines of the likes of ‘Brand Reporter’

– clads himself in smart casuals

– goes to ‘his’ Office

– a well-grounded person

–  has arrived in Life

Here’s hoping that we have understood the concept of Brand Personalities right. If not, please correct us Sir!

Congratulations on your achievement!

Thumbs up


Students of AdClub

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Regulations in Advertising

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Mr. Venkat handled Federal Advertising for the day.

Just as every other domain on earth is governed by regulated bodies, so is Advertising.

The Industry can by itself have its own set of Regulations. For instance, avoiding profanity could be one for an agency/client that respects to uphold ethical values. This is what they typically call as Self-Regulation.

There is another form of Regulation which is formally governed by an external body such as the Advertising Standards Council of India & Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. This is typically an Industry Regulation.

Regulation is needed to prevent deceptive ads and as well encourage educative Ads.

To check a few controversial advertisements that can probably come under the purview of regulation – google for these information :

1) The Pak Airmarshall’s photo published by mistake as part of an Ad that reiterated against female feticide.

2) The recent map that placed Kolkata in West Bengal & Delhi in Pakistan.

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Google Adwords & Adsense

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Are online ads as powerful as a TVC? Don’t I typically close the Ads that are shown before the online news headline opens? Well, Personal Opinions are only as sound as the data that backs them up. Here we go, I did a data research on Internet Vs TVC and this is what I found.

Internet Advertising - Guardian Newspaper

Internet Advertising - Techcrunch

How long would it take for the across-the-world scenario to reflect in India? No time.  Welcome to the world of Online Advertising!

I used to envisage Online Advertising  as the sound of a mouse click, the squeak of a keyboard, the flashing glare on the monitor and pop-up sounds from my speaker – but not anymore. Not only is the concept powerful but lucrative even as a contributor to the Internet.

We – students of Adclub – ought to thank Mr. Kiruba Shankar for teaching us Online Advertising with zest and zeal.

What is a google ad? Can you see the heading ‘Ads by Google’ underneath – clic k on ‘what is this?’ and the pop up explains it.


You would be aware of the Sponsored links that appear on a typical Google Search page. Those are the Ads different business owners would offer to Google and whenever a person clicks on the Ad – the owner of the Ad pays Google. This is essentially – Pay per Click. There are other variants coming in like – Pay per action (Probably if a form that was filled after clicking the Ad) and Pay for Purchase (if a purchase is made after clicking the Ad)

How is this going to benefit you? Google Ads are such a hit that it receives too many ads than can fit into its own page. For you know Google ads are displayed based on the context of the page that is displayed. This is were Google shares its Ads with website/blog owners like us who subscribe to Google AdSense to allow it post related Ads on our site. If a user visiting your site clicks on the related Ad, Google pays you.

GoogleAds Example

Does the Ad with the baby attract you? Click it and Google pays the website owner.

On the other hand, if you are a business owner and want your Ads to be published on related pages, you need to open a Google AdWords Account. An AdSense Account comes for free, whereas an AdWords account comes with a price for it gives your business an International Exposure.

Want to know more about how an AdWords or Adsense Account works? Attend the next class of our faculty!


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